I made that STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE by HidaMari Cooking // RECIPE REVIEW //


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Today we making this CRAZY strawberry cheesecake by HidaMari Cooking!
This recipe takes strawberries… Seriously!
It’s in the batter, in the jelly, and it’s on top of the cake too ~~ Hiding amongst the lemon jelly.
I wanted to see, how difficult this strawberry cheesecake is to make for a non chef.
Can we replicate it’s strawberry beauty?
Will it be as delicious as it looks?
Or will we be left with a silly batter gelatin strawberry cheese mess of what we had hoped to be… Strawberry Cheesecake?


As someone who loves cooking and baking ( but is.. amateur.. at best )
I found that the internet has A LOT of recipes, some good, some bad.. Some cray craaaay.
And I’m here to test em, taste em, and see what’s good !
What’s worth making, how easily it is made by an amateur and at what cost!
Whether you are a cook or never have before, comment your thoughts, your expertise or whether you will try it yourself!
So all of us can learn together and become not a chef friends :3

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If you’ve made this before.. How did it go for you??

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Tell me how you did and if you liked it! 😀

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